Sakina bint e Hussain

Sakina bint e Hussain

Sakina Bin al Hussain r.a is an Urdu book which will tell you some biography and many doubts which will pointed out by Abdul Haleem Sharara and then later another non Shiite scholar Hafiz Bahadar Ali BSc from India raised some objections about history of Islam related to Family of Muhammad pbuh, Maulwi Bahadar Ali wrote that Sakina (Sukayna bint Husayn) who was little girl soon forgot the martyrdom of his father and she started to attend some unsocial parties in Syria as well as she introduced some new style for ladies hair, she started to take interest in poetry and ceremonies of joy, but the author (Syed Agha Mehdi Lakhnawi) of following book replied those objections well and also referenced Non Shiite books, he penned down that in history we know names of few ladies like Pharaoh's ladies also were in cover as it was custom of time that ladies, girls had no importance in society, many people killed their girls at time of birth, but Islam gave importance to girls and Koran nominated few ladies like Asiya and Mariam were nominated as symbol of greatness and honor for us, so Sakina who was the girl of Family of Prophet who was leader of all Prophets and whose grandsons are leader of youths of Heaven, how it is possible she after forgetting the martyrdom of all his men in Karala started to attend evil and un pious parties in Syria?
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Book Title :

                      Sakina bint e Hussain

Writer :

                     Agha Mehdi Lakhnawi

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                                                       Sakina bint e Hussain

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