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                                                                    Many individuals have contributed to my copywriting skills and to the creation of this book, and to any or all of them i'm terribly grateful. Mary Stanke,  President of JS&A cluster, Inc., whose direction, commitment and twenty six years of service allowed ME the inventive freedom to express myself through -y writing and WHO helped ME
build a substantiabl usinessin the method.T o Wendy and our 2 children,A pril and Jill, for his or her understanding and supported uring the many seminars we held-always behind the scenes,b ut their
presence was important and invariably felt. Judy Sugarman, my sister and copyeditor for twenty five years-always there to correct my spelling, undangle my modifiers and provides ME terribly candid feedback. I alsow ish to acknowledged e thousandso f customersw metal gave ME an amazing education Associate in Nursing for whom I even have an unwavering respect. I would like to acknowledge my several competitors, too. I scorned it after they derived ME however within the method of attempting to outwit them, my copy-writing skills grew even stronger. There are
hundreds of people I might mention-too various to list here-who have vie an important role in my success and growth. A special thank-you to the those that vie a job within the production of this book: Lyn Chaffee, Doug Easton, Ron Hughes, Virginia Iorio and urban center Kleban. and eventually, I would like to grant a special mention to Dick Hafer, whose cartoons were created specially for
this book. A special acknowledgment to any or all my wondrous seminar participants WHO learned from ME and went on to make or build successful businesses-all through the ability of their pens. I
learned a good deal from them. Finally, I would like to impart, with humility and feeling, all WHO have changed their hard-earned money for this book. might you too learn and prosper.
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Book Title :

                    Advertising Secrets of the Written Word

Book Writer :

                    Joseph Sugarman

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