Irani Inqalab

Irani Inqalab is an Urdu book by Muhammad Manzoor Nomani, I do not understand why after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, all machinery of Islamic countries become against Iran, while before revolution there was a king ruling in Iran and he was very close friend of America and he granted many special benefits to America and American,, .... when Khomini declared about king's emperor-ship, and at last king escaped from Iran, in Pakistan and other states many Shiites Anti Forces like Laskhar Jhangwi and Sippah e Sahaba was introduced, who was financier and who was providing weapons them and why in Pakistan many Shiites were killed..... no body know the facts and reality, on other hand scholars from Sunnis sect started to prove the guiltiness of Khomini and tried hard to prove about Islamic Revolution of Iran is Satanic Revolution, who is on right.... very difficult to say, but we can say there is enough peace in Iran and rules and laws are implemented according to Islamic Laws it is not important to state that laws in Iran are based on Shiites Jurisprudence.
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Book Title :

                      Irani Inqalab

Writer :

                     Molana Muhammad Manzoor Noumani

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                                                             Irani Inqalab

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