it is a good story book of urdu language the popular man hatim tai which passed away in back history are discus in this book about some short stories. book name is Qissa-hatim-Tai and writer name is Haider Bakhsh Haidri.Qissa hatim Tai Urdu ethical novel for teenagers book transfer free in PDF form and composed in Urdu accent. Its creator name Haider Bakhsh Haidri. this is often the eminent stories of the hatim Tai ventures. this is often a desirable and nice story of hatim Tai.it is nice sensible stories for youngsters and different United Nations agency adoration to see hatim Tai entombing stories. Hatim is authoritative, Brave, Generous and thoughtful. He helps everyone. he's a brave and brave. He helps people to Eliminates their sufferings. He offers his hamburger to the Tiger. He spares lives of infants wolves. he's safeguarded ruminant from the paws of wolf. people and creature takes profits of his compassion and fellow feeling. He puts his life in threat to disentangle arduous of a Syrian ruler Munir. He makes seven adventures to fathom the seven inquiries of patrician Hussan Bano and bear completely different styles of troubles and danger. Hatim faces attention-grabbing occasions and eminent circumstances amid his seven ventures. Hatim Al-Taeei (likewise Hatemtai i.e. Hatim of the Tayy tribe), formally Hatem ibn Abdellah ibn Sa'ad at-Ta'iy was a famed preislamic( (Jahiliyyah) Arabian author, and also the father of the Sahaba Adi ibn Hatim and Safana bint Hatem. He was a Christian Arab,and had an area with the Ta'i Arabian tribe. Stories concerning his wonderful liberality have created him a logo to Arabs up until the current day, as within the infamous expression "a larger range of liberal than Hatem".

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